Medical Rubber Products

Types of Medical Rubber Products : 

  • Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)
  • Enema Syringes (Higginson)
  • Catheters – Malecot, Depezer, Jacques pattern
  • Corrugated Drainage Sheets
  • Douche Tubes
  • Vaginal Douche Spray
  • Pipette Bulbs
  • Rectal, Colon Tubes
  • Surgical, Laboratory Tubing
  • Mackintosh Sheeting
  • Hot Water Bottle Cover
  • Atomizer Bulbs
  • Chloroform Bellows, Sigmoidoscopy bellows
  • Douche Bags, Enema Bags
  • Ear, Ulcer Syringes
  • Pessary Rubber Ring
  • Rectal, Infant Syringe
  • Stomach Tube
  • Tourniquet
  • Hot Water Bottles
  • Breast Pump

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